Let me take you back to when your great grandparents (maybe great, great grandparents) were little, somewhere around 1860 when the first ever recording of a human voice singing “Claire De La Lune” was achieved on a phonograph.

Many believed that it was a recording of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” by Thomas Edison in 1877 but 17 years prior was when the first ever recording was made.

Music takes us back centuries and something as old as a record can raise memories of when we were younger back to the surface. Vinyl records offer a clean, crisp and somewhat nostalgic trip back down memory lane for many of us.

The more recent surge in popularity for records has occurred for a variety of reasons including –

1 – With a record you need to be active. Pulling a pushing the needle so many tend to sit back, relax and enjoy the music instead of putting a CD on and it simply becoming a bit of background noise.

2 – Lets think about this. Will you be able to leave your old MP3 player to your children for their futures? I don’t think so but a record, single or LP could be cherished for many years to come and also increase in value.

3 – For some it is also about the thrill of the hunt. Wanting to find a particular song and finding it in all those hidden places can be part of all of the fun. Charity shops, flea markets or even next door’s loft could be where that track is hidden but until you find it you will never know.

4 – Connecting with other people is a great reason that a lot of people collect or want to buy certain records. The local record shop is nothing like the local superstore. In fact in my experience I find when I go into any record shop that the atmosphere is great and you can end up spending more time than you meant to just chatting about the records and even the olden days.

5 – The sound of the music. Let me leave that one with you but maybe try listening to a track on digital and then on LP I am absolutely certain you will be able to tell the difference.

There are many reasons why vinyl records are so popular and I have tried to list just a few of the reasons that I believe are the factors in why LP’s are fast becoming all the rage again. Want to know more or have a record collection to sell? Simply get in touch today on 07827 479271