Update January 2021: Here we go again. Lockdown number 3. Unfortunately at this time it is very difficult to travel to view your vinyl record collection. If you must sell immediately please do get in touch I can make exceptions for the right collection as legally I can still travel as this is my full time work. However once the restrictions are lifted I will be building up a diary of appointments. I do encourage you to get in touch, send through lists or even call for a chat about your vinyl record collection.

Once government regulations permit we would love to come to you and buy your records. We understand these are worrying times and we want to let you know that your safety is our priority. Below we have set out some measures that we will/can implement when we come and visit you to view and hopefully buy your vinyl records.

  1. I will Sanitise my hands in front of you before I enter your property.
  2. I can wear a face mask when on your property.
  3. I can wear surgical protective gloves when on your property.
  4. I will observe at a 2 metres distance when I am viewing your record collection.

If you are not comfortable allowing me into your property (which I totally understand) I am happy to view the records in a Garage, from the boot of your car, on your driveway or out in the street. Lastly, I am more than happy to meet you away from your property in a public place to view them from the boot of your car.

Your safety is my priority, but I am still very keen to buy your vinyl record collection. I am also happy to report that at the time of writing (Early Jan 2021) the market for vinyl records is still very buoyant which means I can still pay top prices for your collection.

See the Types of music that we want to buy here.

So please do get in touch to make an appointment. Here is a link to our contact us page.