Selling Vinyl Records in Reading/Berkshire?

Are you Selling your Vinyl Records? Do you live in Reading and surrounding areas?

If the answer to that is YES you need to keep reading. I am keen to view all quality vinyl record collections in and around the Reading area.

How I joined the vinyl records community…

As a teenager, I remember the joy I used to get from helping out at record fairs across the country with my Dad, which is where my passion for vinyl records and LP collecting began. I was pretty much born surrounded by Vinyl Records.

My dad had a great collection and thanks to him I grew up listening to great bands such as The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Kinks, Bowie and all that classic Rock and Pop from the 1960’s.

From this, I realised why vinyl was so special. It’s not just the richer sound quality that you get from vinyl, but it’s also about the artwork, the inserts, the posters, and the gatefold sleeves.

One of the best things about this industry is that I love to meet other vinyl record enthusiasts who are collecting, selling, and buying vinyl. I want to hear the stories of where they were and what they were doing while they amassed their vinyl collections. My passion is vinyl records. It’s not a hobby or a second job, I live it day in and day out.

By recycling Vinyl Records they will ultimately end up in the hands of vinyl lovers who will enjoy them all over again.

When I buy collections, I really want them to end up in the hands of vinyl lovers around the world so they can be enjoyed by others all over again.

Why should we sell our Vinyl Record Collection to you?

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in buying and selling vinyl records, you are in safe and knowledgeable hands. My philosophy when it comes to buying vinyl record collections is to make the process as simple and as fair as possible. Yes, I’m a full-time Record dealer running a business so I do need to make a profit, but I feel I do offer very competitive rates for great quality vinyl collections.

In fact, I’m so confident that I can offer great prices, that I actually prefer it when I turn up to see a customers collection and they know exactly what they have and what the potential market values are for their records. To help customers work out the value of their collection we have written a helpful How to Value Vinyl Records UK. 2024 Ultimate Guide on valuing your vinyl record collection with some great links to sites such as DiscogsRecord Collector Magazine and Ebay etc to help you work out its potential value. See link below to guide:

Being based in Tilehurst just off Junction 12 of the M4 we are in the perfect position to come and visit you in Berkshire. We do travel across the UK buying in vinyl records. However we love nothing more than a quick 15 – 30 minute drive to check out a vinyl collection. Almost weekly we are travelling down the M4 to look at collections in London.

We would love to hear from you if you are based in Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Slough, Ascot, Windsor, Crowthorne, Twyford. Heading in the opposite direction we are also interested in Vinyl record collections in Thatcham, Newbury and Hungerford.

What types of Vinyl Records do we buy?

If you are selling vinyl records in Reading/Berkshire we are really interested in the following genres:- Jazz, Classic Rock, Indie, Heavy/Death & Thrash Metal, Soul, Blues, Punk/Ska and Reggae. For more information on what we buy and what we don’t buy please visit our WHAT WE BUY page

What we need to know about your vinyl collection?

If you’d like to get in touch we will ask the following questions to get an idea of the type of vinyl collection you are looking to sell:

  1. How many records are in your collection? Doesn’t have to be an exact number just a rough idea? Maybe 100, 500 or 1000+?
  2. Are they LP’s or Singles or a mixture of both? If both just roughly how many of each type.
  3. A quick list of 10 – 20 artists and bands that’s in the collection. Possibly more focus on LPs here.
  4. A general idea of the condition of the sleeves and vinyl. Could be things like “hardly played” / “Carefully Played” / bit tatty / wear around the edges etc.
  5. Whereabouts in Reading/Berkshire are you located?

Selling Vinyl Records in Reading/Berkshire?

If you have vinyl records to sell or just looking for some advice please do GET IN TOUCH or via email @ or alternatively give us a Call on 07827479271. We are happy to travel to you at a time convenient weekdays or weekends.