What’s it like to be a full time record dealer at Sell Vinyl Records? Is it the dream job? It’s not all collections of prog rock gems and hanging out with hipsters talking about high end hi-fi equipment. It’s more about sitting in the car eating monster munch and trying to give the best deal to put the food on the table. Here is a day on the road with a record dealer.

On the Road with Steve from Sell Vinyl Records – Here’s What Happend!

First thing in the morning it’s off to the post office with perhaps 50 parcels to send from my ebay auctions that ended last night. At least I can just drop them off knowing they will all be processed during the day. Not like the old days where I would clog up the entire post office while they processed them whilst I waited. The pensioners waiting to pick up there pensions were never pleased about this. I got some filthy looks and a lot of tutting! Here’s a link t my ebay auctions. This is where I usually the sell the best records that come in.

I’m based in Reading in Berkshire, but today I have 3 collections to look at. One in North London, One in Nottingham and one in Derby. At Sell Vinyl Records we are always on road. If you want me to come out and visit you just get in touch here.

Bags of records for post office

Vinyl Collection 1: Punk/Beatles/Stones

First stop is North London and thankfully the M25 is smooth sailing. I arrive at 11.00am to meet Dave a nice bloke in i would say his 50’s selling his collection of around 200 Lp’s and 300 singles. As with most collections I buy he will be moving house soon and hasn’t played the records for over 20 years. Rather than take them with him it’s time to move them on. First thing I notice is they are all in nice boxes and look clean. Condition is everything so this is a good start

It takes about half an hour to look through it all. It’s great. Lots of Bowie, Beatles, Who (Mainly re-issues), but perhaps the best part is all the punk. Most of the clash Lp’s and singles, sex pistols and a few unusual bits too Television personalities and some Wire Lp’s and singles. Then it’s down to doing the deal. I make an offer, but it’s a bit less than he was hoping for. I ask him what he was after and we’re not far apart so agree to meet in the middle. It’s a good start one in the bag!

Punk Singles

Vinyl Collection 2: Oasis / 70’s Rock / Paul Weller

That was a good 2hrs from North London to Nottingham. Traffic was good, but it takes a while skirting Nottingham itself. I have received a list for this collection so know exactly what I will be seeing. Having the full list and an idea that the condition will be excellent I have made a “ball park” offer and based on this am invited to view. There are around 150 Lp’s. The highlights are really the first two Oasis LP’s a couple of Paul Wellers and a copy of George Michaels Older which the owner may hang onto as it is a very valuable record.

This one doesn’t start as well though! Within a minute or two I realise the condition is nowhere near what I expected and I won’t be able to stick to my original offer. I explain this to the owner and suggest I could take some of the better bits which I can make a good offer for. He would rather sell as one collection or perhaps ebay the better ones himself which I quite understand. I offer him some advice on selling on ebay, how to list and grade the records and where to buy the best packaging material. Despite making a last ditch offer I end up leaving empty handed!

Vinyl Collection 3: Led Zeppelin and Who Knows What!

From Nottingham it’s another hour north to Chesterfield for todays wild card collection. I have had a quick conversation with George about his records and he’s mentioned 200 Lp’s Genesis and Led Zeppelin. This could be the Prog Rock dream collection. I’m anticipating a bunch of vertigo swirls and a few private press gems.

I head up to this guys bedroom and he reveals the Lp’s shelved in the bottom of a wardrobe below his hanging suits! On all fours I sift through the records. One Led Zeppelin 3, USA issue, one Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon no stickers or posters and a Genesis Duke. Then it becomes clear that most of the records were his mothers and i’m finding Mrs Mills, Max Bygraves, South Pacific etc. This is never going to happen, so again I make an offer for the few that I want, but he wants to sell them all, so back to the car for a long trip home!

Vinyl Collection 4: Mission, Smiths, Nirvana, Beatles

I check my emails before making the long journey home and find an interesting one from a couple based in Derby. It’s on my way home so make a call and they are free. So it’s one final visit at 7pm. This collection is an inherited collection from Dave’s brother who had died. This is quite a common scenario and sometimes people if this position can be a bit undecided as to whether to sell or not. But I’m in the area and nothing ventured nothing gained.

The collection is a real mix, quite bit of 80’s Indie music, The Mission, all About Eve, The Cure, Bauhaus, The Smiths and also a smattering of new vinyl bought in the last few years including Nirvana, Beatles, Neil Young and Portishead. Also a fair few autographs on the All about Eve and the Mission, but no Cure or Smiths ones! I make an offer and it is gratefully accepted…damn must have gone to high! But it’s a good end to the day and the car is now starting to look full. It’s a long trip home, with one services stop as I realised I haven’t had anything to eat since about 11am.

Car full of Records

Boot of car full of record boxes

400 Miles / 300 Lp’s / 300 45’s / 1 Packet of Monster Munch / 4 cups of tea / 2 litres of water / One Burger King Meal!

It was 10pm when I got back so 13 hours on the road. I managed 2 out 4 collections, My target was 2 out of the original 3 so it’s a bit disappointing, but it’s all new stock and i’ll enjoy going through them all again tomorrow. Oh but before bed I have to send out over 20 invoices for my ebay auctions that have ended! In bed by 11pm and up at 6am to start packing them again. That’s a day on the road with sell vinyl records.

I do enjoy my days out on the road looking for vinyl as you just never know what or who you might find. Sometimes it’s great and I get amazing vinyl in great condition, Sometimes it’s terrible and the condition doesn’t stack up. It’s also great to meet a range of different people and they all have stories of the bands they loved and saw live and even met. I try and get on the road if I can at least twice a week, this was a fairly long trip, but hey it’s never to far for the right records right?