Are you Selling Vinyl Records? Do you live in Oxford and surrounding areas? 

If the answer to that is YES you need to keep reading. 

I am keen to view all quality vinyl record collections in and around Oxford.

Oxford has a great music scene and over the years I have bought some superb collections in and around Oxford. Perhaps you are moving house and have re-discovered your long-lost record collection. Maybe you have inherited some vinyl records and are not sure what to do with them. If that’s the case give me a call or pop me through an email on my contact page. Click here.

Here are just a few of the places near you that we will visit in our pursuit of vinyl records. Oxford, Banbury, Bicester, Kidlington, Chipping Norton, Carterton, Witney, Thame, Chinnor, Abingdon, Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford, and Henley-on-Thames.

What types of Vinyl Records are we buying in Oxford and beyond?

If you are selling Vinyl records in Oxford including surrounding areas, we are really interested in the following genres: 

  • Jazz, Rock
  • Indie
  • Heavy Metal
  • Soul 
  • Blues 
  • Punk 
  • Reggae. 

In general, that covers it, but for some more details and examples of the types of bands/labels, we are looking for please check out our What we buy page here.

Why Should We sell our Vinyl to you?

With over 30 years of experience in buying and selling vinyl records, you are in safe hands. My philosophy when it comes to buying vinyl records collections is to make the process as simple and as fair as possible. Yes, I’m a full-time Vinyl Record dealer so I do need to make a profit, but I think I offer very competitive rates for great quality vinyl collections.

In fact, I’m so confident that I can offer great prices that I actually prefer it when I turn up to see someone’s collection and they know exactly what they have and what the potential market values are for their records. I even went as far as to write an entire article of over 2000 words with some great links to help you work out the potential value. A link to that article is below.

Value Vinyl Records in Oxford and surrounding areas Article.

Famous Musicians With Oxford connections!

A quick internet search shows there are some pretty amazing musicians/Bands that came out of Oxford and the surrounding area. Such bands/artists as Radiohead, Supergrass, Ride, Foals, Swervedriver to name but a few.

What we need to know about your vinyl collection.

If you’d like to get in touch with me I will usually ask the following questions to get an idea of the type of vinyl collection you have to sell.

  1. How many records are in your collection? Doesn’t have to be exact just a rough idea? Maybe 100, maybe 1000, maybe 500.
  2. Are they Lp’s singles or a mixture of both? If both just roughly how many of each type.
  3. A quick list of 10 -20 artists and bands that in the collection. Possibly more focus on LPs here.
  4. A general idea of the condition of the sleeves and vinyl. Could be things like “hardly played” / “Carefully Played” / bit tatty / wear around the edges etc.
  5. Where are you located in and around Oxford?

Selling Vinyl Records in Oxford and surrounding areas? Get in touch.

So it’s a pretty clear message if you have vinyl records to sell please do get in touch here or give me a call on 07827479271.

I would like to add that even if you are not ready to sell your vinyl records, just want some advice or even a chat please feel free to get in touch we may be able to help or know someone that can.