Here at sell vinyl records we like nothing more than buying Punk Vinyl Records. If you are looking to sell Punk Vinyl Records look no further. I will be interested! I can travel to you and will make the process of selling as easy and as fair as possible.

Some say Punk was really the last great “genre” music, but it really was more than a music genre, for some it was a way of life. Fast forward 45 years and there is still an incredible interest in Punk music and Punk culture. As a vinyl record dealer Punk is right up there as one of the genres that has the highest demand. From spectacular artwork on the record covers, to the rough looking DIY sleeves of the bands that never quite made it. if you have Punk vinyl records to sell I will be interested.

I should add here that when it comes to punk I’m really interested in anything you may want to sell. Certainly punk vinyl records both albums and singles, but also memorabilia. Fanzines, Posters, Clothing, Flyers, Magazines, Autographs. I’d love to be able to make offers for what you have to sell, but am also more than happy to offer advice on values etc.

You can stop reading right now if you like and get in touch with me on 07827479271 or send me an email here. If you want to find out more about the types of punk music I’m particularly interested in keep reading.

The Early Punk Years – Where it all began!

There will be much debate about when and where punk started, I’ve just finished reading an article that suggests Elvis was the first Punk! When he first started he was a counter culture, the parents didn’t like him. That’s what punk is all about right?

Most agree that punk was at it’s peak in 1976-1977, but the early seeds had already been planted. In terms of vinyl records and what i’m looking to buy the early punk influences would be bands like The Fugs, The MC5, The Stooges etc This all started back in the late 1960’s. Perhaps most wouldn’t classify these as Punk, but then came bands like the New York Dolls. The Ramones, Television. Any of these bands in your collection are highly sort after by the record collectors today.

Punk at It’s Peak – 1976/1977

1977 has been deemed the year of Punk Rock. There were many classic releases this year. Never Mind the Bollocks, The Clash’s first album, and the Damned Damned Damned to name a few. After the years of complicated Progressive Rock the punk scene was back with attitude, quick, fast, catchy songs and a whole sub culture of fashion and beliefs to boot!

Here is a list of the punk bands we are looking to buy from this early period of Punk. Sex Pistols, Damned, Clash, Dictators, Buzzcocks, Angelic Upstarts, Germs, Discharge, Nipple erectors, Snivelling Shits, Stiff Little Fingers, Misfits, Alternative TV, Chelsea, Cramps, Slits, Vibrators, Wire, Crass, Dead Kennedys, GBH, Sub Humans, Vice Squad. That gives you an idea of just a few of the types of bands we are after. Also important to note here we are keen to buy all these artists as singles and as LP’s.

Underground / DIY Punk

DIY or Do it Yourself music had been around before the punk scene. Some early Jazz artists and folk artists had privately pressed there own records, but these were few and far between. When punk appeared on the scene the DIY element exploded like nothing seen before it, Quite a few of the bands that were to turn into major artists started off in the DIY scene. I’m thinking here of the Buzzcocks Spiral scratch, or Stiff Little Fingers Suspect Device. There are loads of small punk bands that self issued. Usually they are easy to spot by the handmade sleeves. I have a few pictures below of some examples.

I’m really keen to buy the lesser known bands. The big Punk collectors I often sell to have all the more obvious titles. Those little bands that were selling there home made singles after their gigs will usually stir up some excitement!

Post Punk – Early 1980’s

Perhaps the glory years for Punk were the late 1970’s, but the genre certainly continued well into 1980’s and had a heavy influence on the music to come. Many of the artists above were still selling records well into the 1980’s. but a new era of music was also beginning. The heavy influence of Punk music, but possibly some what of a backlash against what some now saw as the commercialism of the genre helped bring about the Post Punk Era.

I’m not convinced that Post Punk is necessarily a genre by it’s self. But from experience and just looking through peoples record collections I can see how people moved from the Punk scene into bands that probably weren’t punk at all, but often classified as Post Punk. So here we go a quick list of some of the post punk artists that i’m really keen to buy are as follows: Joy Division, The Cure, Public Image, Durutti Column, Cabaret Voltaire, Certain Ratio, The Fall, Throbbing Gristle, Birthday Party. Again very interested in these artists and many more both Lp’s and singles are in high demand.


Modern Punk

This is usually the point where the original punks lose interest and start screaming at the screen “that’s not punk!”. But i’m not sure how else to classify it! If you can help me classify the following without using genres that include the words “shit” or “drivel” then please comment below. Whatever genre it is it’s worth a mention as I am keen to buy it! So the more modern “punk” i am really keen to buy are as follows: Green Day, Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX, Blink 182. I know these are pretty commercial. I’m sure there are many many more bands of this era and even more recent that fit the “punk” genre, If you have any of these mentioned or have a modern punk collection of vinyl records please do get in touch.

Punk Memorabilia

Moving on from the the Vinyl Records the Punk era also generated a lot of amazing memorabilia. I’d be keen to buy any autographs, flyers, fanzines and posters from this era. I might even be interested in your sweaty old punk T-shirts although the less sweaty the better!

Here is a great link to and enormous erray of punk fanzines from the time. This article is a superb read and covers fanzines from the USA/Uk and beyond.

Hopefully the above information give you enough of an idea of the type of Punk records that i’m looking to buy. Do bear in mind that the above is probably just a really small sample of the types of punk music i’m interested in. If you are looking to sell Punk Vinyl Records and are looking for an smooth fair way of selling please do get in touch with me (Steve). I can be contacted by phone 07827479271 or Whatsapp. Or via my website here.