Are you looking to sell your cherished Northern Soul vinyl records? Look no further! Steve, your trusted record dealer, is here to offer you a seamless and rewarding selling experience. With over 20 years of expertise in the industry, Steve specialises in buying Northern Soul vinyl records at great prices. Whether you have rare and unusual 45’s imported from the USA in the 1960s and 1970s or UK releases from labels like Stateside, Motown, and Pye. Steve is eager to explore your collection.

Northern Soul vinyl records hold immense value. They represent a unique blend of passion, history, and musical craftsmanship. As a seasoned record dealer, Steve understands the significance of these records. With a deep appreciation for the soul-stirring gems of the Northern Soul genre, he is the perfect partner to help you unlock the hidden worth of your collection.

Sell UK and USA Soul Vinyl Records

In the 1970s, record shops like Soul Bowl in Norfolk were meccas for soul enthusiasts who hunted down records from labels such as Ric-Tic, Mala, and Revilot. Steve’s love for Northern Soul runs deep. We seek not only the imported vinyl. But also the UK releases that became an integral part of the soul scene in the 1960s. He recognises the fusion of American soul influences and British musical sensibilities that make these records truly special.

While the all-nighters at the legendary Wigan Casino maybe a thing of the past, the demand for Northern Soul vinyl records remains strong. Soul nights continue to sweep across the UK, attracting passionate fans who know how to dance to the infectious beats. Steve understands the vibrant soul scene and is dedicated to helping your records find new homes where they will be cherished and enjoyed.

Great Prices and we travel to you.

Whether you have a large DJ collection or a smaller personal assortment, Steve is interested in buying your Northern Soul vinyl records. As a record dealer, he offers fair prices that reflect the true value of your collection. Steve understands that parting ways with your cherished records can be sentimental. This is why he is willing to travel to your location, ensuring a hassle-free experience. He values your time and is committed to making the process as smooth as possible.

Even if your collection isn’t precisely what we are looking for, he is determined to connect you with potential buyers. He believes that every record deserves to find its rightful home, and he will go above and beyond to help you find the right match for your collection.

So, if you’re ready to sell your Northern Soul vinyl records, turn to Steve, your trusted record dealer. With his extensive experience he will provide you with a seamless and rewarding selling journey. Contact Steve today and let him guide you through this exciting process. Sell your Northern Soul vinyl records with confidence and trust in the expertise of Steve. You can contact Steve on his mobile or via whatsapp on 07827479271 or fill out our contact us form here.