Here at sell vinyl records we are currently in the process of selling a very large Jazz Vinyl Collection. When it’s all sold the first thing we want to do is get back out there and buy some more. So if you are looking to sell Jazz Vinyl Records read on and see what we are looking to buy.

If you are a collector of Jazz Vinyl Records we understand this might be the last thing you want to do. But if you are a collector you need to check out our ebay shop right away. We have around 500 Jazz Lp’s for sale. They are all starting at 99p and must be sold. Click here to see our shop.

I have to confess that until I got heavily into record dealing Jazz wasn’t an area I was familiar with. A few years experience and coming into some spectacular collections I realise that Jazz is a very special Genre. It’s also a pretty wide genre spanning the early traditional jazz through to the more modern Jazz Fusion and then there’s free Jazz….. I still don’t quite get it! Some of the covers are also amazing keep reading where I go through a few of areas that I’m keen to buy and you’ll see some amazing album artwork.

Lets start with what might be described as Modern British Jazz. If you are looking to sell Jazz Vinyl Records that include, Mike Westbrook, Tubby Hayes, Ian Carr, Don Rendell, Joe Harriott, Harold McNair I’m always interested. Some of these can be very valuable, some them maybe re-issues and not so valuable, but all are still desirable. Check out the pictures below of some I have on my ebay account at the moment (Oct 2020).

So far I’ve spoken about the different genres of Jazz, but there are also some amazing labels that stand alone. Riverside and Blue Note are two that spring to mind, and later there is ECM. These are notable for great production and sound quality. Again these are the sort of labels that I’m always keen to buy. Again these can hold significant value if rare original issues or less so for later re-issues, but whether original or not there is some amazing music on these labels

A very quick run down of some of the artists we are looking to buy of course it’s not all of them, but hopefully gives you some idea.

Don Rendell, Tubby Hayes, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Harold Mcnair, Michael Carrick, Ian Carr, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, Art Pepper, Charlie Mingus, Elvin Jones, Phil Seaman, Keith Jarrett, Paul Gonsalves, Sun Ra, Donald Byrd, Andrew Hill, Cecil Taylor, Art Blake


Hopefully this gives you some idea of what I’m looking for when purchasing a Jazz vinyl collection. So if you have any or some of that mentioned above feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to provide you a quote. You can get in touch with me here.