Reggae Vinyl Records for Sale?

Calling all Reggae vinyl enthusiasts! Are you looking to sell your Reggae vinyl records?

If you’ve been sitting on a collection of reggae records, it’s time to dust them off and let them find a new home so they can be enjoyed all over again. Look no further than me, an experienced record dealer with over 30 years of knowledge and buying experience.

I am eager to travel to you and explore the depths of your reggae treasure trove. Not only will I pay great prices for your records, but I’ll also assist you in finding other buyers if your collection doesn’t match my specific interests. Read on to discover the value of your reggae vinyl and the genres I’m particularly passionate about.

Ska Rocksteady Vinyl Records

Unveiling the 1960s UK Ska Singles: Step back in time to the vibrant era of the 1960s UK ska scene, where infectious beats and soulful melodies ruled the airwaves. I have a deep appreciation for this genre, and I’m especially interested in ska singles from that golden era.

Top Reggae Labels

Labels like Trojan, Crab, Blue Cat, Blue Beat, and Doctor Bird epitomise the iconic sound of the time. These labels brought to life the revolutionary music of influential artists like Prince Buster, who remains a legendary figure in the ska and reggae realms. If you are looking to sell Reggae Vinyl records from this era, they may hold tremendous value and deserve a closer look.

Dub and Roots Vinyl Records

Dub reggae, with its pulsating bass lines and echoing instrumentals, opened up new sonic territories for artists to experiment with.

If your collection houses dub reggae records from this era, I am eager to discover the works of influential figures such as Lee “Scratch” Perry, King Tubby, and Augustus Pablo, among others. Let me unveil the hidden gems in your collection and ensure they find the appreciation they deserve.

From the 1970’s early 1980’s we are particularly keen to view LPs and 12″ single collections with particular focus on Dub and Roots.

Have a Reggae/Ska Vinyl Collection to Sell?

When it comes to purchasing reggae vinyl records, I understand the sentimental and historical value they hold. That’s why I’m committed to offering fair prices for your prized possessions. I believe that every record has its story, and I want to preserve and share those stories with fellow enthusiasts.

To make the process convenient for you, I am willing to travel anywhere in the UK to evaluate and purchase your reggae vinyl collection.

If your records don’t align with my personal interests, or there aren’t enough in your collection to justify a long road trip fret not! I’m more than happy to assist you in finding other buyers who will be equally intrigued by the reggae gems you possess.

My extensive network of collectors and enthusiasts ensures that your records will be in good hands, even if they don’t make it into my personal collection.

Don’t let your reggae vinyl records gather dust any longer. Reach out to me, an experienced buyer with a deep passion for reggae music. Together, we can unlock the value of your collection and ensure it’s preservation for future generations to enjoy.

Whether you have 1960s ska singles or 1970s dub reggae records GET IN TOUCH TODAY and let’s make your reggae vinyl collection shine!

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