Do you want to buy, sell or even trade records?

Are you a new or avid enthusiast that is looking to broaden their knowledge and not too sure what to think of record fairs?

Over the past 30 years I have probably been to hundreds of record fairs for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is where I find like minded people and dealers that specialise in certain aspects or even genres of records. It is also a great way to buy, sell and trade records (I generally do more selling than anything else). More importantly than anything it puts me in touch with new contacts and helps me broaden my knowledge too.

When you love what you do so much a record fair is like the icing on a cake for me. Surrounded by many records, specialists and enthusiasts means I am in my element. I have been to small and major record fairs and throughout the many years I have been going I now generally sell at least 5 per year

So how do you prepare to buy at a record fair (my two pennies worth) –

1 – Make a list of the music you are looking for as it will mean you don’t forget anything.

2 – Arrive early as many people will strive to get there when the event starts so you don’t miss what you might be looking for. There are always bargains to be had early get in there before the dealers snap them all up.

3 – Set a budget and stick to it (or maybe go a little over). It’s always best to spend what you can afford.

4 – Try to find the dealers that have some form of filing in place so you don’t end up spending hours looking for what might not be there. Don’t be afraid to ask either. Most stall holders know what they have.

5 – If you’re looking to sell a collection call me first.

6. Check out to find a fair near you. Maybe not the last one but as a passionate expert in all things record’s I can offer instant cash and a very fair price and to top it all I will buy the whole collection.

Why not give me a call today to find out more on 07827 479271.