Over 30 years I have been buying records and many people over the years have asked what is the biggest record collection you have ever seen? Many people have also asked what’s the rarest record you have managed to sell over the years and my answer is always the same.

Most people will ring with a collection of 100 records as a general average and I have also received calls from people with a collection of over 10,000 records (generally from a person within the industry or a radio station looking to get rid of old stock).

It really does vary but I would say that a collection of 700+ records is what I would regard as large and when you have that many records you can generally expect to find a few rare records that will fetch a good value.

When it comes to the size of a record collection it doesn’t matter how large it is I am always interested in buying the whole collection and will ensure that you get a fair price and get your money instantly. Many record collectors will cherry pick through your collection and only take the ones that will get higher values which is something I don’t believe in. If you have a decent record collection (even the old battered but still playable ones) that you would like to discuss with me why not give me a call today on 07827 479271 to find out more.