Over many years I have spoken to many people in the record part of the music industry and I am proud of the amount of contacts I have made. Whether connecting a buyer with a seller or purchasing records from these people I have always found that the music industry has a real eclectic range of people.

Do you work in the industry and if so, what is it that you do? From a receptionist through to a radio DJ from sound engineers to the A&R man you can imagine that everyone has different reasons for getting in contact with me. I am always looking to widen my network and it would be great to talk to you if you need help, advice or even want to sell a large collection of records.

We are always keen to buy promotional records, white label test pressings even acetates. Or perhaps you worked for a music magazine and have old posters, flyers or artiwork you are looking to sell. Look no further I’d be keen to chat.

Maybe you have an LP or a single that you are hunting for but haven’t been able to find yet? Maybe you are a new record collector and would like some advice on what to look out for? Whatever it is that you do in the industry why not get in touch with your questions today.

There is an age old saying of “its not who you are but who you know” and it couldn’t be any truer a spoken word so, don’t feel afraid get in touch and let’s see if we can work together.

I work with all sorts of people from up-cyclers (they love buying records for their craft work) right through to radio DJ’s that are looking to sell a commercial collection of records and couldn’t be anymore in my element if I tried. My passion is records and I love seeing, hearing and working with people that relate to what I do. If your looking to sell your collection and your not sure what to do next get in touch today on 07827 479271 to have an informal chat and see how we can help each other.