Vinyl is our passion.

With over 25 years in the industry, we know vinyl. Our friendly and professional service makes selling your vinyl an easy and rewarding process.

About Sell Vinyl Records:

As a teenager I remember the joy I used to get from helping out at record fairs with my Dad which is where my passion for record and LP collecting began. I started off buying singles and LP’s at boot sales and charity shops and have even imported vinyl when I lived in Australia. On my return to the UK some years later I decided to sell off my beloved record collection and eventually went full time in the Vinyl business.


Hi, I’m Steve:

I was pretty much born surrounded by Vinyl Records, my dad had a great collection and I grew up listening to the Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Bowie all that classic Rock and Pop from the 1960’s. My dad tells me I was trying to put records on the deck when I was only two and broke his new diamond stylus. Apparently I got a big telling off for that, but it didn’t stop the passion!

I grew up in the era of CD’s and cassettes (if you can remember them) but, amassed a nice vinyl collection of the Brit Pop and Indie rock during the 1990’s. I realised why vinyl was so special. It’s not just the richer sound quality that you get from vinyl, but it’s also about the artwork, the inserts, the posters, the gatefold sleeves. Or just shifting through a dusty box of 1960’s 45’s. Even the smell of it!

I love to meet other record enthusiasts that are selling and buying vinyl. I want to hear the stories of where they were and what they were doing while they amassed their vinyl collections. I buy a lot of inherited collections and I understand how difficult it can be to part with the records, The main motivation though for all sellers is, they haven’t got enough time to play them anymore and they really want others to have the same enjoyment they had from the records. I make this happen.

My passion is vinyl records, it’s not a hobby or a second job, I live it day in day out. I want to meet you. I want to make the process fair and easy for you to sell your records. Most of all I really want to get your records into the hands of collectors around the world so that your records will be enjoyed by someone all over again.


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